Interesting Facts About Lawns And Lawn mowers: For Proper Maintenance of Our Compound

The lawn mower is the mechanical device which shaves the surface of the grass by using a fast rotating blade(s). For many centuries, the grass was only cut by workers who walked through fields or pastures wielding tiny, sharp scythes. Apart from being slow and tiring, manual cutting of grass was ineffective scythes worked very well only during the wet season. Currently, lawnmowers are primarily used for cutting grass in around our homes or fields.
The preferred height of the cut grass can be fixed based on the design of the mower, but it’s often adjustable by the machine operator, typically by one master lever, or by a nut and bolt or lever on every of the machine’s wheels. Their blades may be power-driven by muscle, with wheels mechanically attached to the cutting blades. Therefore, when the mower is pushed forward, its blades spin.
lawnmowerOn the other hand, the machine may have a plug-in electric or battery-powered motor. The most popular power source for various lawn mowers is a small (usually a single cylinder) internal combustion engine, specifically for bigger, and self-propelled mowers. Smaller mowers often lack any system of propulsion, necessitating human power to move over the surface; ‘walk-behind’ mower is always self-propelled, requiring an operator (human) only to walk behind and simply guide it. Bigger lawn mowers are often either self-propelled ‘walk-behind’ kinds or more frequently, are ‘ride-on’ mowers, fitted so that the operator can control and ride on the mower. A robotic lawn mower (like ‘mowbot’ or ‘lawn-mowing bot’) is designed to operate either totally on its own, or less frequently by an operator using a remote control.
Several lawn mowers include some other functions like collecting their grass clippings in a removable bin or bag or even mulching the cut grass.
Two major design of blades are used in lawn mowers. Lawnmowers using one blade which rotates about one vertical axis are referred to as rotary mowers, while those using a cutting bar and numerous blade assembly which rotates about a horizontal axis are referred to cylinder or reel mowers (even though in some models, the cutting bar is the only blade, and the rotating assembly comprises of flat metal pieces that force the blades of grass against a sharp cutting bar).
Rotary mowers can throw out debris with high energy and velocity. In addition, the blades of the self-driven push mower (electric or gasoline) can injure inattentively or a careless user; as such, most of them come fitted with the switch of a dead man to instantly disable the rotation of the blade when the operator is no longer holding the handle. In the US, more than 12,000 people annually are hospitalized due to accidents caused by the lawn mower. A Huge majority of these injuries can be easily prevented by putting on protective footwear when operating a mower. The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP) highly recommends that kids must be above 12 years old in order to be allowed to use any walk-behind lawn mower and over 16 years of age before operating any riding mower. Also, they should demonstrate high maturity and suitable judgment. Individuals using a mower should wear eye protection, heavy footwear, and even the hearing protection especially for operators of engine-powered mowers.
Today let’s talk about some of the interesting facts about lawnmowers and the folks who love having a nice lawn. You may use these points for a little laughter or as facts to impress your best friends, or even who knows; maybe they will come handy in future when you are in Jeopardy. Enjoy!
Interesting Facts:
1. The average American resident spends approximately four hours weekly taking care of their lawn.
2. Powered lawnmowers usually cause 68,000 injuries each year-possibly the least fun of the fun facts, but a crucial one to take remember every time you are around a lawnmower.
3. In the US, homeowners spend almost $30 billion dollars annually on their lawns.
4. One out of five homeowners depends on a lawn care expert to take care of their landscaping needs and lawn care.
5. The amount of pollution facilitated by the average lawnmower when operated for one hour is equal to that of a vehicle being driven for about 200 miles.
6. Out of almost 50 million acres of grass in the US, about 21 million of those acres are private lawns.
7. More than 80 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed on the grass in the US annually, therefore, try and go slow next time you need to spray your lawn.
8. There is a museum dedicated to the lawn mower known as the British Lawnmower Museum, in Merseyside, Great Britain.

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