Interesting And Informative Facts About Ducks: How Was This Spectacular Video Of Duck Panic Taken?

The duck is a naturally skittish creature, and with good reason! Everyone wants a taste of their delicate meat. Foxes, weasels, snakes, and even large birds of prey feast on ducks. It makes sense, then, that even minor upsets in the environment- such as spotting an unfamiliar piece of human equipment- should cause duck panic! When the GoPro comes to the attention of the mallard, he takes off, and, realizing that something has spooked the one duck, the rest of the flock takes off in fear. But cameras are not the only thing that makes ducks flee!

DuckPanicOne of the most interesting facts about the duck is that because it has always been hunted, ducklings are born with the innate knowledge of what to be afraid of. Even ducklings who have had no exposure to birds of prey will go into an episode of “duck panic” when they spot a hawk. No one wants to become a snack!

Ducks are birds commonly known as “waterfowl” since they spend most of the time in places with water. They like water! They are often found everywhere in the world except Antarctica where it is very cold for them. Ducks are usually the most favorite types of birds to most of the new birders and non-birders, but even experienced birders may not understand just how unique these birds can be. Ducks may the most familiar birds to us, but if you think about it keenly, what facts do we know about ducks? Find out here!

9 Interesting and Informative Facts about Ducks:

  1. Ducks have 3 eyelids
  2. The feathers on ducks back are actually waterproof.
  3. The two most famous ducks in history are Daffy Duck and Donald.
  4. Some ducks can fly about 332 miles in a day!
  5. Ducks feet has no blood vessels or nerves, meaning that their feet don’t feel the cold! This enables ducks to walk on ice and snow, swim in icy water.
  6. Male ducks are known as Drakes, females are called Hens, and the baby ducks are called Ducklings.
  7. Based on the species, a duck has a life span of 2 to 12 years.
  8. Ducks can see well underwater.
  9. Ducks usually fly in a “V” shape. This shape enhances their flights.

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