Interesting Facts About Bass: Boost Your Knowledge On Aquatic Animals

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “swarm?” Bees? Ants? Some other variation insect? At any rate, “bass” probably isn’t your first thought. What most people do babybassnot know, is that bass are prone to swimming in schools called “brood swarms.” It is one of the most interesting facts about bass. These swarms are formed by “fry.” Fry are newly hatched bass, so small that they feed primarily on insect larvae and microcrustaceans– hardly an appetizing diet. The average lifespan of a bass is between 10 and 12 years, but most fries die in the swarm. Not all fry meet their untimely demise during this period, though. The size of the surviving fry is dependent on the temperature of the water in which they were incubated. Generally speaking, the warmer, the better. The ideal temperature for these small fish is between 81 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is mostly found in the southern regions of the country, which is why bass found in southern states tend to be larger than their northern counterparts.

Spring is in complete bloom and the spawning season is well underway for warm-water fish across many regions of the country. When last year spring weather occurred early, this year it happened later with cold temperatures lingering a bit longer and we experience huge rainfalls. Spawn refers to the time when the fish usually move out of their comfort zones into suitable environments where they can quickly reproduce. As the most famous game fish in the US, bass are creatures which several anglers have taken extra time to learn about them compared to any other type of fish. Nevertheless, there are still numerous mysteries of the species which you may not know. Some of these items may assist you to catch more fish while others are just entertaining. Either way, all these ten bass facts are proof that bass are one of the most interesting fish species-saltwater and freshwater alike.

10 Interesting facts about bass:

  1. Male bass always bumps into females (bass) to stimulate the release of eggs.
  2. The larger the bass, the sooner they spawn.
  3. The male always guards the eggs.
  4. Most of the largest bass catches are really younger fish.
  5. Bass can quickly learn from their mistakes. Bass are magnificent creatures – arguably the smartest of all common game fish.
  6. Bass have 6 different senses.
  7. Florida largemouths grow faster
  8. Bass are quickly attracted to the color red
  9. Bass can’t adjust their eyes to sunlight.
  10. Bass can function in the broad range of water temperatures.

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