Interesting Facts About Elephants: The Largest Of All Land Mammals!

Elephants are huge mammals of the family Elephantidae. Historically, two species of these exciting giants are known, the Asian elephant and the African elephant, though some evidence indicates that African forest elephants and African bush elephants are separate species. Elephants are scattered all over sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.
elephantsAll elephants have many distinctive features, the most prominent of which is their long trunk or proboscis, used for various purposes, specifically breathing, grasping objects and lifting water. Their incisors always grow into tusks that can serve as tools and as weapons for moving objects and digging. Large ear flaps of elephants assist in controlling their body temperature. Their pillar-like legs can carry their high weight. Asian elephants have convex or level backs and smaller ears while African elephants have concave backs and bigger ears.
African elephants are now listed as very vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) whereas the Asian elephant is classified as endangered. One of the prominent threats to elephant populations is the infamous ivory trade since the large animals are always poached for their ivory tusks. Other threats to wild elephants include conflicts with local people and habitat destruction. Elephants are utilized as working animals in Asia.
Traditionally, they were used in war; today, they are usually controversially exploited for entertainment in circuses, or put on display in zoos. Elephants are very recognizable and have been featured in art, religion, folklore, popular culture and literature.
Because of many reasons such as habitat destruction or poaching, the population of elephants in the world has been drastically reducing. It means urgent measures needs to be undertaking to grow the number of elephants currently existing in various parts of the world. Nations, where elephants are found, need to develop strict measures to reduce poaching since it is the greatest threat to these species.
Elephants are a large part of the famous culture and show up as significant metaphors across all media. They form a remarkable part of popular religious beliefs and are usually associated with altruism or wisdom. Nonetheless, several people who live outside the regular range of elephants are unaware of the several interesting facts about them. To increase awareness of these intelligent, beautiful and peaceful mammals, we’ve made a list of ten little-known elephant facts.
Interesting Elephant’s Facts:
1. They’re creative communicators. Elephants have their own distinct way of communicating with others which make utilize of all of their senses. They use their trunk to imply threat or defense, rub their huge bodies against each other, and flap their ears to show joy.
2. Reproduction can occur at any time of the year for elephants. As long as they have plenty of food, and they feel secure, it’s something which will occur frequently.
3. Females can go on to have offspring till they’re almost 50 years old. They seem to have a baby every 2.5-4 years. Twins are very rare for elephants.
4. Elephants are considered to have a kind of tuberculosis that can be passed to human beings. This is the reason those who work near to them have to receive a vaccination to prevent it.
5. Baby elephants are normally blind at birth and depend on their mothers and their trunks to assist them.
6. Elephants are the biggest of all land animals in the entire world.
7. It takes a female nearly 22 months from conception to give birth to a baby. This is longer than all other animals in the world.
8. It’s just a myth that elephants are frightened of mice. Some say that mice can easily run up the trunk and eventually suffocate them, but there’s no evidence to this at all.
9. The trunk of an elephant boasts over 40,000 muscles in it.
10. At eleven pounds, the elephant has a brain which is bigger than any other animal on our planet.

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