Interesting Facts About Ladybugs: What Do You Know About Ladybug’s Blood?

Ladybugs are loved the around the world because of their adorable red and black coloring. Let me share with you some fun and interesting facts about them which boost your knowledge about these creatures as well. Did you know that the “lady” in the world ladybug is referring to the Virgin Mary? It is believed that in the middle ages crops in Europe were ladybugtroubled by pests, so farmers decided to seek help from the Blessed Lady, Virgin Mary. After they had prayed, the farmers started to see ladybugs fled their fields, and their crops were saved miraculously from pests. The good fortune that they encountered made them believe that it was all thanks to the red and black bugs, so they started to call them lady beetles. The most fascinating fact about these tiny little creatures is that even though they look innocent, they actually practice cannibalism. When food is scarce, they do everything they can to survive thus resulting to them eating their kind. When a ladybug is hungry, it will create a meal out of newly born adults or recently molted larvae. According to Dr. Jan Michels, a German scientist at the Institute of Zoology at the University of Kiel, each leg of the ladybug is equipped with fine adhesive hair which enables them to cling to surfaces in a really impressive way. Their findings show that the material in the tips of every single hair is rather soft and flexible which enables them to adjust to the variety of uneven surfaces they climb on. On the other hand, the bases of the hair are hard and stiff which offers them support while climbing.

Lady is a beetle which belongs to the order Coleoptera. There are about 5000 species of ladybugs which differ in color, size, and type of habitat. Ladybugs can be found all over the world. They Inhabit meadows, forest, fields and rocky and urban areas at different altitudes. Ladybug is a prime symbol of good luck in certain parts of the world. Some population of ladybugs is reduced due to chemical pollution and habitat destruction (as a result of increased human activities). Fortunately, many species of ladybugs are abundant in the wild.

8 Interesting Facts about Ladybugs:

  1. A bug is an insect that uses its mouth to suck food while ladybugs chew their food with the aid of pincers inside their mouth.
  2. A ladybug’s blood is both rank and toxic. Whenever a ladybug is teased, it often excretes a yellowish, bad smell fluid that is toxic for various small animals.
  3. These bugs have gradually developed the color of their shells to black and red. The scientific reason behind this is that small predators such as small birds try to avoid food, especially if it is colored, vibrant red or black.
  4. Ladybugs can reach a speed of 15mph during the flight. Their wings move 85times per second.
  5. Ladybugs eat small and soft-bodied insects that are often found in forests, farms, and households. Therefore, they serve as a potential predator of various plant pests.
  6. The larvae of ladybugs look like small crocodiles: their bodies are spiny, their stomach is small but pointed, and their legs protrude from the side of their bodies.
  7. The larvae eggs are very nutritious and rich in protein. A ladybug can lay a high number of fertilized and unfertilized eggs.
  8. These insects usually hibernate during winters since they grow only in warm temperatures.

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