Interesting Facts About Snakes: The Most Dreaded And Deadly Animals!

There is no end to how the Mother Nature and her kids surprise us, time over time. Many simple-looking creatures are often fascinating and mysterious. And just when you thought you already know all there’s to know about your favorite animal, you come across more dumbfounding facts.
With more than 3,000 species of snakes in the world, there’s plenty to learn about these creatures. While they all have several distinctive characteristics about them, there are enormous similarities.
Feared, loved and revered, the snakes are awesome creatures. Snakes are one of the most dreaded and deadly animals. Word ‘Snake’ that comes from the Indo- European base meaning “to crawl” or “to Creep” quite suits the category, providing an eerie feeling when we talk about these reptiles.
Snakes are well-known for their ability to kill creatures larger than them in size using the venom. However, not every snake is venomous; some use their sheer strength and size to kill their prey.
Found in nearly 3000 different types, many of the snakes are dangerous and honestly very unfriendly. Below are some of the interesting facts about snakes:
1. In Vietnam, it’s possible to order a cobra blood wine from the restaurant menu. The waiter will go for a live cobra, kill it immediately, drain the blood into a shot glass of the rice wine, and top it off with the still-beating heart of Cobra for you to gulp down.
2. Since the early twentieth century, the Wildlife Conservation Society has provided a huge cash reward (presently worth $50,000) for live delivery of any snake of nine meters (30 ft) or even more in length, but no one has claimed the prize, despite several sightings of massive anacondas.
3. Brown tree snakes, when unintentionally introduced to Guam from Solomon Islands, have eaten the whole island population of native bats and birds. The government dropped several Dead mice packed with the Tylenol into dense jungle canopy of Guam to reduce the population of snakes.
4. In 2012, a cobra bit a Nepalese farmer called Mohammed Salmodin and shockingly, he bit the Cobra back. The cobra died, and the farmer went about his day-to-day business without any symptoms as if nothing had occurred. Eventually, he agreed to go to the hospital after pressure from police, neighbors, and family.
5. Before the anti-venom invention, the black mamba had a 100 percent fatality rate, and its victims would be dead in nearly twenty minutes.
6. In 2009, a Florida couple was charged with the manslaughter of their daughter and third-degree murder after their pet Burmese python did escape its cage and squeezed a two-year-old girl to death.
7. A decapitated head of the dead snake can still bite a few hours after death. Since dead snakes cannot regulate the amount of venom they inject, their bites often contain enormous amounts of poison.
8. Ball pythons are always treated with maximum care when they happen to wander into the Nigerian village. Some responsible agencies pick up these snakes and place them out in a field or forest or allowed to roam freely. If a person or the public kills one accidentally, several towns build a coffin for the remains of the snake and provide it a short funeral.
9. The warmer the body of a snake, the more quickly it can digest its prey. Usually, it takes three to five days for a snake to digest its food. For huge snakes, like the anaconda, digestion can take even weeks.
10. The flowerpot snake, Brahminy Blind Snake or, is the only species of snake consisting of only females and, as such, doesn’t require a mate to reproduce. It’s also the most common terrestrial snake in the world.
11. The most advanced species of snake in the world is believed to be the black mamba. It has a more evolved venom delivery system than any snake on Earth. It can strike up to twelve times in a row, though a single bite is enough to kill an adult.
12. The world’s most dangerous snake is the inland taipan, meaning it has the most poisonous venom and it injects the high amount of venom when it bites. In fact, its venom sacs hold poison which can kill up to 80 people.
13. The top five most venomous snakes in the world are the inland taipan, the coastal taipan, the eastern brown snake, the black tiger snake, and the tiger snake.

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