Interesting Facts About Brad Pitt: Academy Award Winner!

Brad Pitt is one of the wealthiest and very famous actors in the Hollywood. In fact, he is amongst those extremely influential people who’re related in the American entertainment industry.
He was born William Bradley Pitt on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the eldest of three siblings in a devoutly Southern Baptist family. Brad grew up in Springfield, Missouri. Bill Pitt, his father, owned a trucking firm, and Jane Pitt, his mother, was a family counselor. Brad initially desired to be an advertising art director, pursuing a journalism course at the University of Missouri.
Nonetheless, the young, college student had other, discreet aspirations which were the product of a childhood love of movies. His dreams eventually seemed tangible his final semester at university when he realized, “I can leave.” On a whim, Brad dropped out of the college, packed up his car and headed west to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles, only two credits shy of the college degree.
Brad told his parents he wanted to enroll in the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. On the contrary, he spent the following several months driving a limousine -taking strippers from one bachelor party to another, delivering the refrigerators and trying his luck to break into the Los Angeles acting scene.
He enrolled in an acting class and, shortly after, a classmate asked him to be her scene partner on an audition with an agent. In a twist of fate, the agent hired Brad instead of his classmate. After weathering just seven months in LA, Brad had secured an agent who offered him a regular acting job.
Brad Pitt, actor, and producer is a Golden Globe and Academy Award winner well known for films such as ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Legends of the Fall,’ ‘Moneyball,’ ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ and ’12 Years a Slave.’
1. Brad Pitt Really Knows How To Manage His Private Life
A private and possessive individual about his family, Pitt is known to hate the paparazzi while on vacations with his family. After the birth of their gorgeous twins, the public was so anxious to see the first photo of them and Angelina. As a matter of fact, it sold for $14million alone!
2. Brad Pitt Worked Hard And Establish His On Success
If you love Brad for his incredible acting, your respect for him is just about to skyrocket. Pitt (born Dec. 18, 1963) isn’t one of those individuals who’re born with a silver spoon. He worked so hard to make it to the big screen by doing low paying jobs all his life. Some of the most prominent ones include being a pool boy, being a dancing mascot for a restaurant, and serving as a chauffeur to earn cash for his livelihood.
3. Charity and Donations Are Always Close To Pitt’s Heart
Donations have been enormous under Brad Pitt’s name. In 2006, he made a contribution of $1 million to the Doctors Without Borders Foundation and another one million to the Global Action for Children. Also, they also have their charity foundation with his wife, Angelina Jolie: the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.
4. Malaysia Banned Any Ads With Brad Pitt In It
We like seeing the handsome face of Brad Pitt in the Toyota Altis commercials; but, these advertisements are prohibited in Malaysia since the authorities there have resolved that if the ads run for a very long time with Brad in them, Malaysian men will eventually start feeling inferior! There are no more words to describe this actor’s global charm.
5. Brad Pitt, The Wedding Ring Designer
Pitt’s personality is one which oozes exclusivity. In 2001, he sued a ring maker to whom he offered the design for the Jennifer Anniston’s ring, for making some replicas and selling it with his brand name! Sources say Pitt designed the ring himself to make it more special for his first wedding.
6. Same-Sex Marriage
Brad is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage. This is in great contrast to his principles about family life. He has been very open about his happiness in having a good family with Angelina Jolie.
Actually, the birth of their daughter was extremely publicized and considered by some to be the most anticipated baby. His support for same-sex marriage is one of the interesting facts on his career and life. He’s been very vocal on advocating for equal rights for the LGTB members in the US.
7. Relationship With Religion
Brad’s relationship with religion is pretty interesting. He once mentioned that he doesn’t have an excellent relationship with the religion and that he oscillates between atheism and agnosticism. This makes him one of the few Hollywood actors who’ve come out and acknowledged their disinterest in the world religions.
Being a self-claimed atheist, he doesn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being who controls the universe. In other words, he doesn’t subscribe to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion of the world.

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