Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler: The Most Powerful And Infamous Dictator

Adolf Hitler- just the name itself gives me jitters and certainly it does the same to you. Without any doubt, Adolf Hitler is one of the most reviled and controversial personalities in world history.
His ideas, opinions, and beliefs dragged the entire humanity to the edge of war, causing widespread destruction and death. Nonetheless, he’s a defining characteristic (all be it an evil one) in the history of this world, and it wouldn’t harm us to learn what type of personality would do the atrocious things Adolf Hitler did.
Hopefully, by looking into the past and identifying the hideous blemish which Hitler was, we can prevent such an individual from ever rising into power again. Perhaps, Hitler is the worst in entire human history, was fully responsible for 60-85 million deaths during the World War II since he triggered the conflict.
That is why his name brings connotations of misery, murder, holocaust, warfare, and the attempted execution of the Jews and some other minorities. In his book ‘Mein Kampf,’ Hitler openly expressed his hatred of Jews. He warned all people about his target to drive the Jews and other minorities from Germany’s cultural and intellectual life.
Before attacking Poland and eventually triggering the World War II, Hitler provided an example of the Genghis Khan to his generals. He mentioned that Genghis Khan happily led hundreds of thousands of women and kids to slaughter with predetermination, history still regarded him solely the founder of Mongol state; not as a murderer.
As a result of the Holocaust established by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, six million Jews or about 78 percent of the entire Jewish population (approximately 7.3 million) in the Nazi lived in Europe at that period and an additional five million non-Jewish people were also murdered. From 1941 to 1945, Jews and some other ethnic, political and racial minorities in Europe were under attack and systematically killed by the Nazi forces.
In 1919, Pan-German and the anti-Semitic German Workers’ Party (DAP) came together to form the Nazi Party. Hitler became the chairman of the party in 1921. Hitler’s Nazism was motivated by fascism which originated in Italy during the World War II. Nazism rejected all theories of the Soviet socialism and the western capitalism.
Hitler fully believed in an Aryan German race. The Aryan race indicates an Indo-European (Western Asian and European) Caucasian race, and a racist term is often used to indicate a white supremacy concept. Additionally, Hitler believed in the Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch or the ‘Super-human’ who need to rule above all slave classes of the Untermensch or ‘inferior humans.’
Despite Hitler being the worst human and one of the most documented leaders in the history of humanity, there are still a few less known facts about Adolf Hitler. Let’s look at some interesting facts about this horrid dictator.
1. Hitler was quite superstitious. A good example of his superstitious character is that he considered number 7 to be so powerful. He selected Swastika to be his symbol since he believed it to be magical. What is more to say there?
2. Hitler only had one testicle. He lost the other testicle during the World War I. Maybe he was trying to recover the damage by taking over the planet!
3. Adolf Hitler weighed nearly 155 pounds and stood just less than 5′ 10″ tall. His weight is simply an estimate since he declined to undress even for medical examinations.
4. Lieutenant Hug Gutmann who recommended Adolf Hitler for the Iron Cross in World War I was Jewish. He was arrested later by the SS, but he was set free once they realized he had been the one to recommend Hitler for the Iron Cross during the First World War.
5. Hitler had a nephew called William Patrick Hitler who joined the United States Navy and fought against him. Alois Hitler Junior, Hitler’s half-brother, had a son (William Patrick Hitler) who was born in England. In 1933, he moved to Germany to work for his powerful uncle.
Unhappy with the job given and after writing a number of blackmail letters, Hitler requested that Patrick renounces his British citizenship. Fearing a set-up, Patrick left Germany. In 1939 while on a lecture tour in the United States with his mother, World War II started.
At this point, Patrick decided to send a letter to President Franklin D Roosevelt to be permitted to join the battle as part of the United States Navy and his request was accepted. Imagine the awkward time when he had to declare any known relatives he would be fighting.
6. Blow-up dolls were Hitler’s idea. Do not be surprised. Yes, he invented them but for a very legitimate reason. Hitler intended to protect his troops from Syphilis that was a widespread infection at that period. It spreads due to sexual encounters. So, blow-up dolls assisted in keeping the troops away from French prostitutes.

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