Interesting Facts About Bradley Cooper: He Doesn’t Care About Winning Oscar!

From earning three Oscar nominations to being named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Bradley Cooper has had a pretty fascinating career. His huge blue eyes have won the hearts of several swooning fans around the world, but Bradley had to pay his dues for several years to lead up to the critical-acclaim he’s earned today.
Bradley Cooper (born January 5, 1975) is an American producer and actor. He’s one of the highly paid actors in the world and has been nominated for many accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, two British Academy Film Awards, and four Academy Awards.
With roles such as a struggling bipolar guy just released from a psychiatric hospital in the Silver Linings Playbook to a distant war hero in the controversial American Sniper, Bradley has shown a variety of incredible acting skills in the past few years which arguably hadn’t been anticipated in the past.
Cooper has had his up and downs, starring in several minor roles of a diverse collection of characters. Living beyond the pretty-boy personality can be a hard feat but despite Bradley’s own personal challenges he’s far surpassed that, demonstrating that he is a very talented actor.
His days of being a beau to some popular actress are over, and now he’s front and center. Here are interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Bradley Cooper.
1. His most challenging role was in the hangover. For an actor who has played an FBI agent, an experienced war hero, and a bipolar man, it’s hard to believe that Bradley’s found his most challenging role to be that of a sunglass-rocking teacher (Phil).
2. Bradley was a gateman at Morgans hotel when he first moved to New York. When he relocated to New York to pursue an acting course at the New School, he worked nights at Morgans Hotel in Manhattan.
He revealed that each night he had to carry a bunch of matches and as new guests were welcomed he would’ve to relight all votive candles and scurry to the door for them. Several celebrities used to stay there as well. One night, Cooper welcomed Leonardo DiCaprio who was hot off his Titanic role, and he was surprised how different the two actors were.
3. Bradley is a super smart guy. Bradley Cooper is not only fluent in French, but he also graduated with honors from Georgetown with an English degree.
4. Cooper told ‘Details’ that he wanted to join the military academy and relocate to Japan to become a ninja before he decided to be an actor.
5. After dating for one year, Bradley and actress Jennifer Esposito secretly got engaged in 2006 over the holidays. But only 4 months later, Jennifer filed for divorce, stating that, “It is what it should be. You have to move on.”
6. Bradley has admitted that he does not care about winning an Oscar. After the death of his father, he said that he realizes what the essential things are in life and that an Oscar award isn’t one of them.
7. During the filming of The A-Team (2010), Bradley became very efficient in weapons training that he could reload his M4 rifle in less than four seconds.
8. When asked why he was not in a relationship with regular co-star Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley said that she was very young, but he later told Howard Stern it was only something he mentioned to get the media off his back.

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