Interesting Facts About Gabby Douglas: Olympic Gymnast

Gabby Douglas remains a vital part of U.S women’s gymnastic history. Despite missing out on a chance to compete for an all-around title in Rio, she’s far from finished — and we’re realizing just how incredible she really is.
Gabby Douglas is an American gymnast and Olympic gold medal winner and first African American to become the individual all-around gold medal winner. She is also the first of any African descent to win the individual all-around champion.
She was born Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas on December 31, 1995, in Newport, Virginia, to Natalie Hawkins- Douglas and Timothy Douglas. She was six when she began gymnastics training.
When Gabby was eight she won the 2004 Virginia State Championships – Level 4 all-around gymnastics. At age 14 she moved to Iowa to train full-time. She went on to win many competitions and championships.
Here are 12 interesting facts you need to know about Gabby Douglas:
1. She prefers rainy weather — but here’s why: Douglas’ mom used to tell her that raining was “God’s manifestation; a big day’s waiting to happen.” Rain was falling on the day Douglas won the all-around gold medal at the London Olympics, and she texted her mom saying: “It’s raining. You know what that means!”
2. She’s got some pretty amazing skills. Douglas competes for a sky-high piked reverse hecht (at 0:59) on the bars and a standing back full on beam. She also did an Amanar vault, which she’s hoping to regain by Rio.
3. Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian, Gabby released Gabbymojis, which are the smaller Internet versions of the gymnast and related items. So now there’s no gaps in discussions about scrunchies and leotards.
4. Her nickname is “The Flying Squirrel”. Due to Gabby’s high-flying flips on the uneven bars (her specialty), the national team coordinator Martha Karolyi nicknamed her “The Flying Squirrel”.
5. She was the first black gymnast to win an individual gold medal. Douglas made history in 2012 when she became the first black gymnast to win an individual gold medal, as well as the first woman of color of any nationality to win the event.
6. During competition of the team finals at the 2012 Olympics Gabby Douglas’ score in all four events was higher than anyone else in the event which helped bring the team to win gold.
7. Gabby Douglas has written two books titled, Raising the Bar, and Grace, Gold, and Glory; My Leap of Faith.
8. There was a Lifetime movie made about Gabby Douglas in 2014 titled The Gabby Douglas Story. She served as an executive producer on the movie, along with her mother.
9. Gabby Douglas came forward about being sexually abused as a teen by Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics doctor.
10. Gabby Douglas competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She won her third Olympic gold medal in the team event.
11. Gabby was the youngest of four children in her family, which is on Oxygen in a TV show called Douglas Family Gold.
12. Gabby Douglas was the only competitor at the 2012 Olympics to qualify for the beam finals, bars, and individual all-around in her prelim performances.

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