Interesting Facts About Jason Statham: “Crazier Driving, Crazy Gun Action”

Perhaps, we all have that favorite celebrity or star we desire to know all about. And it isn’t every day we get to know more about their professional life let alone their private life. But still, we always try to discover how they live, what they like to eat, what their life was before they became celebrities, etc. Jason Statham is one of those celebs who’s a very diverse and interesting past.



Statham is well-known for being a high octane action star. Crazier driving, crazy gun action and stunt work like you would not believe. Well, his real life does not seem to be any slower than his on-screen lives. This superstar does everything to the limit!
Let us talk about a few basic things of his life before we get into the actual surprising stuff. Jason was born in the United Kingdom to a dancer and a street merchant. Before he got his huge break, Statham was a street seller, he was an athlete and worked as a model too.
Statham has starred in some popular movies such as Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, The Expendables, The Transporters, and Mean Machine. Jason Statham has made a great name for himself after he featured in different major roles like the ones mentioned earlier.
As one of the biggest names in the action movies, Jason is something of a big-screen legend. A handsome British hard man, he has got a wide range of talents, an interesting past, and a voice which would melt butter.
He is well-known for his electric moves in various action movies, but Jason was up to all kinds of things before he hit the big screen.
Possibly, that is why he is perfect in action flicks -you act what you know best, and he really knows how to live fast. Here are six interesting facts you probably didn’t about this popular actor!
1. He Does Most of His Stunts
Many hit movies of Jason Statham are filled with intense fight scenes and incredible stunts, most of which are performed by Jason himself. He has been quoted saying that he does his own stunts to avoid “cheating the audience,” and is concerned about stunts appearing fake if excessive CGI is used.
Some of the different stunts which he has managed to pull off have included the dramatic helicopter fight at the end of the Crank, being balanced on a chopper above LA, with only a thin wire serving as an emergency support in case he fell, and hanging off a balcony 50 stories above the ground.
His training in the martial arts also stands him in a better position for the fight scenes, so that you know he is the one leaping out of vehicles and throwing punches.
2. Failed His Driving Test
Most of the Statham’s roles revolve around high-end vehicles – from The Transporter to the Fast and Furious franchise. But, it seems that one of the few things Jason is not naturally talented at is real driving, according to DVLA (the British DMV).
He began driving when he was very young to get a permit of a learner, assisting his father with long journeys. He clearly picked up some bad practices from the dear old dad, though, and when it came time to take his driving test he failed. Twice or thrice, according to the actor himself.
Since then, he has become an expert behind the wheel for his acting career -even training with a Formula One driver. He spent some time with the champion Damon Hill before shooting the 2003 new edition of The Italian Job to make sure that he was extremely capable of holding his own in the vehicle chase scenes. Even after that, he was not the best driver on set – reportedly, it was co-actor Charlize Theron who outshone the boys behind the wheel.
3. He Was Forced To Leave The Playboy Mansion
Back in 2008, Jason was invited to one of the Hugh Hefner’s legendary parties -an annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Extravaganza -at Playboy mansion. The action superstar arrived in his bathrobe ready to play… but ended his night so early, escorted from the building by more than five security guards (we are a bit surprised that they were very few!).
And the bad behavior which got him kicked out? (It was not stealing a golf cart, we are sad to say.) Declining to pose for photos with the girls.
4. He Almost Died On The Expendables Set
Unsurprisingly for a guy who does his own stunts, Statham has had some close calls over the years – most of which was on the set of Expendables franchise. During shooting for The Expendables 3, the actor was filming a scene which should’ve seen him drive a truck, stop it, get out quickly, and do some filming.
Things went wrong, and the vehicle did not stop – instead, it kept right on going, over the dock’s end and into the Black Sea with Jason still inside it! Luckily, he just swam to shore and was unhurt, but the truck was not so lucky – it sank fully.
In The Expendables, he had a different problem with the scene where he fires the nose cannons of the plane. Jason was tied to the seaplane’s nose, where he was buffeted by winds moving at 30 to 40 mph during the risky stunt.
After the scene had been filmed, they realized that it was even more dangerous than they expected. The engine of the plane had been leaking, and it could’ve literally fallen out of the sky! Post-filming, that specific plane was eventually turned into scrap metal.
5. His Age Is A Mystery
Jason’s birthdate is provided as 26th July 1967 on his “locked” Wikipedia page, and (perhaps as a result of this), a slew of some other websites also list the actor’s year of birth as ’67 – which would make him almost 50 years old. Even IMDb, one of the reputable databases, lists his birthday as July 26th, 1967, as does the major Google search result.
However, while the month and day are right, the year is very wrong. Jason was born in 1972 – putting his real age closer to 40 than 50. This has been confirmed by the actor in several interviews, including with the New York Times that listed his age as 34 back in 2006.
6. He’s A Voice Actor
Jason has an incredibly unique voice that would prevent him from being a voice actor who takes on ten distinct characters in a single show… but he’s still managed to lend his voice to an animated film and two video games. In 2011’s quirky take on the Shakespeare’s classic, Gnomeo and Juliet, the action superstar voices Tybalt – the Prince of Cats, and the stocky gnome with the penchant for damage.

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