Interesting Facts About Jet Li: The Generation Of Kung Fu Superstar

Jet is a well-known Chinese actor, film producer, wushu champion and martial artist. Many people around the world know him for his inventive choreography and lightning moves. Li was born on April 26, 1963, in Hebei, the suburbs of Beijing, China.
His incredible wushu (martial arts) demonstration has made him one of the most famous Asian actors in Hollywood.  He has starred in several shooting Kung Fu films. In fact, he was known as the generation of Kung Fu superstar because he was seen in many classic Hong Kong movies.
Like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, fellow Chinese actors, Li has also made his mark in the American entertainment industry. Through this platform, he has won the hearts of many fans around the world.
Li is a very talented actor, and he has demonstrated that in a fair number of movies, some of which have received a lot of praises. Back home, he’s a renowned star not only for his acting skills but also for his wushu/martial arts skills. In the early days, Li was a wushu practitioner. He won a national championship at the age of eleven.
He took time touring the world to demonstrate his incredible talents. That was a breakthrough in his career since he got lots of invitation to work in different films. Soon, he played lead characters in some Chinese movies, before he eventually landed in Hollywood. His excellent acting skills and remarkable martial art exploits soon captured the attention of American audience.
He rose to fame almost instantaneously since most of his films were blockbusters. Within a short period, movie producers signed him to co-star with great actors of Hollywood. With these opportunities, his journey to stardom became easier and faster.
Despite cultural differences and language barriers, Li is one of the very few successful actors in Hollywood today. In this post, we would like to share with you some of the most interesting facts about Jet Li.
1. In 2009, Jackie Chan and Jet Li came together to help the victims of Typhoons which divested Taiwan. The two great actors provided both financial and physical support to the victims.
2. Li’s talent manifested when he was still young. He secured five gold medals in martial arts. He became “Gold Champion” at the Chinese martial arts competition.
3. He renounced his US citizenship and became a Singapore citizen in 2009. Singapore’s education system made him do that since he felt it was good for his daughters.
4. Li played the role of a policeman in the film “Kiss The Dragon.” His role involved the killing of foreigners. He also wrote this movie. Unfortunately, the authorities in China banned the movie due to its violence.
5. Li has really mastered what he does. In a particular incident when they were shooting the film, “Lethal Weapon 4,” the camera couldn’t capture all his moves because he was so fast. The director had to request him to repeat his actions slowly.
6. In 1974, Li and his colleagues in the Chinese National Wushu Team traveled to the US to perform for President Richard Nixon, who was very impressed with their performance. The president then asked Li to be his personal bodyguard. He declined the offer and told the president that he doesn’t want to protect any individual. He also added that he wants to defend one billion Chinese citizens in the future.
7. Jet Li married Huang Qiuyan (Shaolin Temple co-star and Beijing Wushu team member) in 1987. They had two kids, but they separated in 1990. After nearly a decade, he married Nina Li Chi (born Li Zhi), Hong Kong actress. They have two daughters (Jane (born in 2000) and Jada (2002).
8. Li has been involved in a lot of charitable work. After surviving the 2004 tsunami, he decides to create The One Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports international disaster relief efforts. This is something close to his heart considering what he underwent during the tsunami.

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