Interesting Facts About John Travolta: Did You Know He’s A Licensed Private Pilot?

We can’t dispute the fact that every person is talented in one way or another. Talent is one of the greatest aspects of human life. The greatest difficulty that many individuals face is to discover their talents.
Individuals who have discovered their talent (s) have been very successful in different fields. John Travolta is a multitalented man who has achieved a lot in the entertainment industry.
Having had breakout roles in ‘Grease’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ John Travolta is now an award-winning actor and singer whose talent has amazed many fans around the globe.
Being one of the coolest guys in the entertainment world, Travolta has got it all when it comes to the holy trinity of show business. He can act, sing, fly, and dance as well! Isn’t that incredible?
There are only a handful of actors with such an extensive background as a remarkable entertainer like Travolta. Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ revived his career and since then he has starred in numerous projects. He has demonstrated excellent skills from early years of his career as a TV star to his primetime on the big screens starring in the films such as “Boogie Nights,” “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction.” His films are always blockbuster!
Today, a significant number of people are aware of Travolta’s skills behind the mic and on the dance floor. So, they’re no longer well-kept secrets. Let’s now shift focus to some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about John Travolta. These facts might give you a new perspective on the actor.
1. Travolta danced with Princess Diana. They met at a gala dinner at the White House in November 1985. It was such an iconic and memorable moment for both of them. In fact, the late Princess decided to name the outfit she wore to the event that night “The Travolta Dress.”
2. He is familiar with ‘entry-level’ jobs. Rumor has it that Travolta slummed it in various everyday job roles from luggage handler to supermarket checkout boy before his meteoric rise to fame. We all have got to start somewhere.
3. Being a trained pilot and the proud owner of five aircraft, Travolta is licensed to fly private planes.
4. Travolta was featured in a 1976 film: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble and he was acting with Diana Hyland, a woman he had a crush with even though he was 18-years older than him. Unfortunately, she passed away due to cancer in 1977. Travolta was holding her, and she died in his arms.
5. He owns lots of properties throughout the country. For instance, he has houses in Maine; Santa Barbara, California; and Ocala, Florida. His Florida home has an airstrip for his planes, and that is where he spent most of the time.
6. He declined the lead roles he was offered in four popular films: An Officer and a Gentleman, Days of Heaven, Chicago and American Gigolo. Interestingly, all these movie offers later went to Richard Gere.
7. After meeting during the filming of The Experts (1989), Travolta went on to marry actress Kelly Preston in 1991. Sadly, a French Scientologist minister declared that wedding illegal and the couple had to marry again. They married twice.
8. Travolta’s family was unfortunate to lose their son, Jett, on January 2, 2009. The tragedy struck the family during their vacation in the Bahamas. A coroner’s report established that a seizure was his cause of death.
9. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Travolta joined other celebrities in helping Haitians. To provide much-needed relief to the survivors, he flew his 707 plane full of Scientologist Volunteer Ministers, doctors, and the supplies into the disaster region.
10. Travolta and Oprah Winfrey have been friends for a long time. Oprah made a huge announcement during the first episode of the final season of her talk show on September 13, 2010, that she was planning to take her entire studio audience on an eight-day expenses-paid a trip to Australia. She also revealed that Travolta would serve as the pilot for the trip. The two planned the trip together for more than one year.

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