Interesting Facts About Larry King: “Trademark Suspenders And Glasses”

Larry King is one of the TV news’ most recognizable personalities, and it is not just because of his trademark suspenders and glasses. He’s one of the best broadcast interviewers in the US.
He has won ten Cable ACE Awards, an Emmy Award, and two Peabody Awards. King started as a radio interviewer and a local journalist in the 1950s and 1960s. Commencing in 1978, he became famous as an all-night national radio broadcaster. In 1985, he began hosting a nightly interview TV program on CNN-Larry King Live.
On June 29, 2010, it was declared that he would step down as the show host but would carry on hosting specials for CNN. In early September, CNN did confirm that Piers Morgan will replace him.
The last show of King aired on December 16, 2010. Larry King was born in Brooklyn, New York City to Edward Zeiger, a defense plant worker and restaurant owner, and his wife Jennie, a garment worker, who emigrated from Belarus. Larry grew up in a very religious home and observant Jewish home.



King has interviewed a wide variety of subjects, from influential world leaders to contentious beauty queens, and has a distinct knack for making them open up. But, despite the fact that Larry has spent a significant amount of time in the spotlight and under the intense scrutiny of the public, there are still some things which several people do not know. Having said that, we will present five interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Larry King
1. He Kissed with Marlon Brando
In 1994, King had a long and nearly weird interview with Marlon Brando which included, among other interruptions, Marlon compelling Larry to shake the hand of the actor’s mastiff. The interview that was held at Beverly Hills home of Brandon is bizarre on some levels, but most notably was an agitated Marlon kissing Larry King on the mouth
One year later, King revealed that Brandon is the only man who has ever kissed him on the lips, including the family members. He also added that he is confirmed and he had been thinking about him for a long time (That “confirmed heterosexual” title isn’t a joke, either; King has been married to seven women).
2. He Called Dolphins Games
Larry King spent nearly two decades working in the local media market in Miami before he became a big name on CNN. Larry was something of a jack-of-all-trades at the moment, writing a newspaper column, working as a disc jockey, and TV talk show moderator.
One of the King’s more fascinating positions during this stint was serving as a top analyst during the Miami Dolphins games for the WIOD-610 in the Miami. He spent parts of 1969-71 and 1977 seasons in the booth.
Following a Dec. 1971 arrest for grand larceny, he eventually lost his analyst job. Unluckily, he did not get to call the special game when Dolphins made the Super Bowl after the 1971 season. King wasn’t to pay back the cash he had borrows from a business associate, but the judge later dismissed those charges.
3. He Does not Prepare For Shows
For every episode of King’s show, he prides himself on making only a few preparations. According to Larry, this technique assists him to learn essential things about the subjects of the interview as the viewer learns them. Therefore, he does not spend time brushing up on resumes or reading books of authors.
As you might expect, this technique has led to some pretty hilarious situations. After the 2007 interview with Sanjaya Malakar, American Idol contestant, Larry King did confess to the audience that he had no idea who the guy was.
4. He Wasn’t Always a King
In fact, King was born Larry Zeiger. Nonetheless, when King relocated to Miami to become a media personality, his first boss sad Zeiger was “very ethnic.” The boss then looked down, saw an advertisement for the King’s Wholesale Liquors, and suggested the King’s last name.
5. He Hit JFK
In 1958, King got into a little fender-bender when he was still new to Miami. Though that fact is weird and unremarkable, the other driver in the accident was an upcoming politician, Senator J. F. Kennedy. According to Larry King, Kennedy furiously asked him, “Early Sunday morning, no traffic, not a cloud in the sky, I am parked — how could you run into me?”


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