Interesting Facts About Malcolm McDowell: “ Clockwork Orange Star”

Malcolm McDowell is a well-known British actor who featured in numerous films. He played a disturbing role in 1971 film of director Stanley Kubrick, “A Clockwork Orange.” The film was mainly based on Anthony Burgess’s Science Fiction Novel. He has also been featured on Our Friends in the North, Entourage, and Star Trek Generations.
Having had a career spanning over five decades, McDowell has played different film roles across various genres mostly as a character actor. Perhaps, many people know him for playing controversial roles of Alex DeLarge in Clock Orange (1971) film, Mick Travis in Lindsay Anderson’s trilogy of it…., O Lucky Man! And Britannia Hospital (1968-82), and the title character in Tinto Brass’s Caligula (1979).
Malcolm has had repeated roles in many television series such as The Mentalist, Heroes, and Entourage. He is the narrator of the documentary The Compleat Beatles (1982). In the recent years, he has become a very prolific voice actor in video games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III, television series, and films. In 2012, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Without further ado, let’s look at more interesting facts about Malcolm McDowell. Enjoy!
1. Malcolm is a big fan of Liverpool Club, one of the top Premier League football team and spent much of his childhood on the Kop.
2. McDowell was born Malcolm John Taylor in Horsforth, West Riding of Yorkshire. He’s the son of Charles Taylor, a publican, and Edna (nee McDowell), an hotelier. He has two sisters, Judy (younger) and Gloria (older).
3. Malcolm has appeared in numerous computer games, popularly as Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn in the Wing Commander series. There was a series transition from 2D pre-rendered cutscenes to live-action cutscenes during his appearance in Wing Commander IV. His role in Wing Commander marked the last days of video game live action cutscenes.
4. McDowell was featured in one episode of the animated series -South Park- that provided a comedic retelling of the Great Expectations novel by Charles Dickens. In the episode, Malcolm was the real-life narrator of the entire story in live action. He just introduced himself as “a British person,” in the Masterpiece Theatre parody, and its ex-host, Alistair Cooke.
5. In 2006 to 2007, Malcolm helped Billy Sherwood to come up with two Pink Floyd tribute albums: Return to the Dark Side of the Moon and Back Against the Wall. He contributed to the spoken word of the two albums. In addition, he’s provided voice-over work for Borgore on his album #NEWGOREORDER (2014).
6. Malcolm and his nephew were featured in the director Neil Marshall’s film Doomsday (2008.
7. McDowell currently hosts Fangoria’s Dreadtime Stories, a monthly radio drama series with a horror, mystery, dark humor and science fiction theme. Every month, a new episode is unveiled for download, and the scripts, as used by Malcolm and other actors, are available at Fangoria website as well.
8. Margot Bennett, a publicist, and an actress was Malcolm’s first wife (1975 to 1980). Mary Steenburgen, an actress, was his second wife (1980–1990). They met and fell in love with each other while shooting the film “Time After Time.” They had two kids together: Charles Malcolm (born 10 July 1983) and Lilly Amanda (born 21 January 1981). They separated in 1990.
9. In 1995, McDowell and actress Lori Petty were the co-stars of the comedy action /science fiction film Tank Girl. In this film, Malcolm played the role of an evil director of the Global Water and Power Company (Dr. Kesslee), whose primary goal in the story was to regulate the planet’s water supply on a future desert-like, post-apocalyptic Earth.

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