Interesting Facts About Mao Zedong: The Founder Of People’s Republic Of China

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was the Chinese Communist dictator that founded the People’s Republic of China in 1949. He is most famous for uniting China, and for being responsible for millions of lives lost during his reign. Mao was born on December 26th, 1893, in Shaoshan, Hunan Province of China, to Mao Yichang, a wealthy farmer, and Wen Qimei, a Buddhist. Mao Zedong’s father was known to beat him and his siblings.

At 14 he was married to an older teenage girl in a marriage he never accepted. In 1911 he joined the Revolutionary Army and the Nationalist Party. In 1921 he joined the Chinese Communist Party. His political aspirations began to grow and in 1949 he became the founding father of the People’s Republic of China.

Mao Zedong is one of the most famous political leaders in Asia and is well known for many different reasons. He is said to be the most influential leader in the history of China, which is quite the claim because of the records of the Chinese people and the length of their history.

He was an ambitious political genius who took the courage to protect China from the attack of foreign invaders and tried to help in industrial and agricultural growth of China. Find out some really interesting facts about Mao Zedong:

1. Mao believed in the idea of communism and that this belief could help peasants across China to overthrow the country’s government. Being a peasant farmer and having earned a good education later, Mao Zedong eventually became the leader of China’s communist party.

2. Mao Zedong was considered a very brutal ruler. Having conquered the Nationalist Party and catapulted his own Communist Party to the highest power of government, Mao became a feared leader. People who disagreed with his ruling were executed and punished.

3. The young Mao Zedong was assigned to get married at the age of 14 but he did not give way to his father’s commands. Mao Zedong was very young by then and was working full time in their farm and wanted to get more education and so he decided not to agree to the arranged marriage.

4. Jiang Qing was the last wife of Mao Zedong and she was a notable actress in China. She was a film actress before she joined the communist guerillas in Yan’an. She didn’t really make any significant films, but during the Cultural Revolution she became the leader of the Gang of Four and attempted to take power after the death of her husband Mao.

5. Mao Zedong also earned experience as a librarian. After he got his certification in teaching, Mao moved to Beijing to find a decent job and eventually landed a stint at the Beijing University library. He was hired as a library assistant and had the chance to attend some classes in the same university.

6. Mao was the leader of loyal communists in China. With the ongoing Civil War between China’s Nationalist Party under Chiang Kai-shek and Mao’s Communist party, Mao Zedong was able to save thousands of his followers by way of retreating from the Nationalist group. Mao’s communist group eventually grew stronger and later defeated the Nationalists.

7. The rule of Mao Zedong crumbled due to famine across China. The leader actually planned for industrialization but his plans were unsuccessful and led to widespread hunger and distress in China. This situation led to Mao losing some of his power and authority over China.

8. Mao Zedong joined China’s Revolutionary Army by 1911. At this time, many people in China began their revolt against the ruling monarchy of the country. It was also during this time that the young Mao Zedong learned about his initial beliefs on nationalism and communism.

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