Interesting Facts About Mel Gibson: Celebrated Hollywood Actor

Mel Gibson is a famous film actor, producer, and director, having starred in Hamlet, Braveheart, Maverick, and both the Lethal Weapon and Mad Max series.
Gibson studied at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. During the 80s, he founded a production firm called Icon Entertainment. The independent film director, Atom Egoyan has named it, “an alternative to the studio system.”
Peter Weir, a film director, cast Mel Gibson as one of the main actors in the renowned World War I drama Gallipoli (1981). As a result, Gibson earned a Best Actor Award from an Australian Film Institute. Also, the film assisted Gibson to gain the reputation of being versatile and hardworking.


Mel Gibson

Gibson made some controversial statements, and as a result, The Hollywood management blacklisted for nearly a decade. The journalist Allison Hope Weiner and Robert Downey Jr. advocated for Gibson’s forgiveness in 2014. In 2016, a “thaw” for Gibson started to occur with his movie Hacksaw Ridge getting the Oscar buzz, and agencies and actors becoming eager to work with him again.
For many years, Mel Gibson has been in the spotlight. The public does not know everything about this superstar, though. Here are some interesting facts about Mel Gibson which might make you understand why he has earned high respect in Hollywood and perhaps, worldwide.
1. When he started acting for the very first time, Gibson severely suffered from stage fright. When he secured his first role on stage, it was terrible that he had to play the role while seated!
2. When the Mel Gibson was just only years old, he started drinking. Drinking is never a good thing, but it is particularly damaging to the younglings. Sadly, Gibson now has to deal with alcoholism.
3. Knowing at least some of the roles Gibson has played previously, it’s sort of difficult to believe that he did not want to act once upon a time. Instead, he desired to be a journalist since he considered that line of work to be fascinating.
4. Nowadays, people spend more time ensuring that they’re living in a sustainable environment. Mel Gibson also believes this idea. Once, he donated half a million dollars to El Mirador Basin Project for the protection of the Central American rain forests.
5. Mel, who’s named after a saint and whose name means “honey” in Portuguese, was born and raised Catholic and has ten sisters and brothers. He was the middle child (though, at some point, he was the youngest of the six siblings).
6. Mel Gibson joined film industry by accident when his sister decided to submit an application without informing him. The night before the auditions, Mel Gibson got into a fight, and his face was smashed up. Luckily, it turned out to be just the perfect look for the role. Later, he enrolled in drama school in Australia and roomed with Geoffrey Rush.
7. Braveheart, his most famous movie in which Mel starred while he still had hair, won him two Oscars, for Best Director and Best Picture, in 2006.
8. In real life, Mel Gibson is among the richest men in the world, with nearly $850 million to his name. In 2005 he purchased the Mago Island, near Fiji, for $15 million and planned to turn it into his private retreat.
9. The women in the family Mel Gibson are amazing. For instance, his grandmother was an opera singer. Mel would often hear her singing when they spent time together.
10. In July 2010, Oksana Grigorieva recorded a phone conversation with Gibson. Mel was suggesting that if she got “raped by a pack of niggers,” she would be liable.
The court issued a domestic violence-related restraining order to bare Gibson from coming near Oksana or their daughter. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department started a domestic violence investigation against Mel Gibson, later dropped when he pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor battery charge.

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