Interesting Facts About Michael Caine: A Beloved Oscar-Winning Actor

Sir Michael Caine

Sir Michael Caine

Many of you might know him as Alfred the butler from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, but Sir Michael Caine has been in the entertainment industry for more than half a century now. Can you believe it?

Considered as a British film icon, Sir Michael has starred over 100 films and television serials. Sir Michael Caine is an English actor and author, born as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite on 14 March 1933, in St Olave’s Hospital Bermondsey, London.

Michael Caine is a beloved Oscar-winning actor known for his roles in films like Alfie, Hannah and Her Sisters and the latest Batman incarnations.

He was born to Ellen Frances Marie who was a cook and Maurice Joseph Micklewhite who was a fish market porter. He has a maternal half elder brother David William Burchell and a younger brother Stanley Micklewhite.

He didn’t know about his brother David until his mother’s death. Even his father didn’t know that the child existed. His mother used to visit David regularly in Cane Hill Mental Hospital. He was suffering from severe epilepsy and spent his entire life in hospital.

Here are interesting facts about the actor.

1. In the 1960s Michael was drinking 2 bottles of vodka and smoking upwards of 80 cigarettes every day. He stopped smoking cigarettes after a lecture from Tony Curtis at a party in 1971 and quit cigars by 2003.

2. To date, he is the only man to have earned an Academy Award for a performance in a Woody Allen film. All other Academy Award winners have been female.

3. Michael Caine is one of three actors, including Laurence Olivier and Jack Nicholson, to be nominated for an Academy Award for acting every decade for at least four consecutive decades.

4. Michael hated garlic, a smell and taste he associated with his service in the Korean War where everyone would eat it as a snack. Only after becoming a restaurateur did he develop a taste for it again.

5. One of Michael’s passions and interests lies in the restaurant industry. He has shares in five London restaurants including two French-style bistros and owns a brasserie in Miami, Florida.

6. He attributes his acting career for providing opportunities to meet and befriend many personalities. His closest friends include Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore.

7. He moved to London in 1954 and was informed by his agent that already a Michael Scott was performing as an actor in London theaters. He was talking to his agent via a phone booth and looked around for inspiration to change his name.

He happened to come across the poster of “The Caine Mutiny” that was being shown in Odeon Theatre and quickly changed his name to “Michael Caine”.

8. Whenever director Christopher Nolan and Michael Caine come together for a movie, the later is involved in either nurturing or educating or assisting the protagonist in the movie, such as in “The Prestige” ,“The Dark Knight” Trilogy, “Inception” and “Interstellar”.

9. In 2000 he was granted knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II. He accepted the honor under his birth name as a tribute to his father.

10. He was honored with a fellowship at the British Film Institute for his outstanding contribution to the film industry.

11. Caine was impressed with the performance of co-star Julie Walters and thought she was natural as this was her film debut and she had not acted in any movie before.

12. “Educating Rita”, a 1983 movie is his favorite of his own and the performance he is proud of. He had to gain 30 pounds for his role as a drunkard in the movie.

13. His big break came when he was performing for “Next Time I’ll Sing TO You” as Meff in a Cockney comedy at the New Arts Theater in London on January 23, 1963.


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