Interesting Facts About Fireworks: Laughter is the fireworks of the soul

Fireworks are a type of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for the entertainment and aesthetic purposes. The most popular use of a firework is the main part of a fireworks display. A fireworks event (also known as a pyrotechnics or fireworks show) is a show of the effects produced by the firework devices. Fireworks competitions are also commonly held at a number of places. Fireworks (devices) take several forms to produce the 4 primary effects: light, noise, smoke, and floating materials (for example, confetti). They may also be designed to burn with colored sparks and flames including orange, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and silver. Displays are very common throughout the world and are the focal point of various cultural and religious celebrations.



Fireworks were invented in ancient China in the 12th century to scare away any evil spirits, as the natural extension of the Four Great Inventions of olden China of gunpowder. Such significant festivities and events as Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the Chinese New Year were and still are moments when fireworks are guaranteed sights.

Fireworks are usually classified depending on where they perform, either as aerial or a ground firework. In the former case, they may offer their own propulsion (skyrocket) or can be shot into the air using a mortar (aerial shell). The most popular feature of fireworks is a pasteboard or paper tube or casing filled with a combustible material, usually pyrotechnic stars.

Fireworks are the final mark of celebrations, from Victoria Day long weekends to top-breaking Olympic ceremonies and New Year Eve bashes. Recent elaborate displays can feel high-tech, even at the cottage, but fireworks have been around for several years. Fireworks have been used for many centuries during celebrations all over the world. Fireworks can be excellent fun. Unfortunately, each year, some people get hurt because they don’t take care of themselves when handling fireworks. Please take care!

Interesting Fireworks Facts:

  1. The earliest documentation of great fireworks dates back to seventh (7th). They were invented over 2000 years ago in China.
  2.  China is the biggest exporter and manufacturer of fireworks in the world.90% of all fireworks originate from this country.
  3. Around 1240, the Arabs learned about gunpowder. A Syrian called Hasan al-Rammah did write about fireworks using terms which suggested he acquired his knowledge of different Chinese sources.
  4. The first recorded fireworks in England were seen at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486.
  5. Dreaming about fireworks may demonstrate that you are likely to be the center of attention and are showing off to others. It also symbolizes exhilaration and enthusiasm.
  6. Some believe fireworks off evil spirits.
  7. The fireworks were earlier used to accompany several festivities, promote and scare off evil spirits.
  8. The biggest chocolate firework measured 3m high and diameter of 1.5m and containing 60kg of Swiss Cailler chocolates. The firework was launched in Zurich on New Year’s Eve 2002.
  9. Fireworks aren’t fun for animals. Always keep any cats and dogs inside the house when fireworks are being released. Remain calm and ensure they have somewhere to hide.
  10. A string of firecrackers which went on and on lasting for almost 22 hours marked the New Year’s Day celebrations in the Hong Kong in 1996.

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