Interesting Facts About Fart: Do You Know What Causes The Unpleasant Smell?

The word ‘fart’ is always a funny word. Maybe we are all secretly immature and cannot handle the bodily functions, but really – try to show me one individual who has not laughed at farting in their entire lives.
Although farting is only a natural part of life and comfortably do it (literally, everybody farts), it can be somewhat embarrassing to discuss, especially for a lady. If you have a brother, you understand that men slightly have no problem farting anytime when they need to, sometimes even on one another, but ladies seem to be very awkward about it. Maybe these interesting and surprising fart facts will help you to feel better about this natural way to releasing gas!
womenfartingFart is regarded as the inappropriate word to speak in public, but it’s the process that’s done by each human at least 14 times per day. According to a medical specialist, this process is so important to maintain your good health. In the current society, the word Fart is taken as vulgar, and we often try to use this word as less as we can, but amazingly this word is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary.
In certain circles, the word is regarded just a common profanity with an often humorous connotation. For instance, a person may be referred to as an ‘old fart’ not necessarily based on the age of the individual. This may express the sense that a person is unduly fussy or annoying and be intended as an insult, majorly when used in the second or even third person.

In our life, everyone must think at least one time about the Fart. The mind may incorporate various questions such as why do we fart? What are the key reasons for it? Why do farts have a bad smell? Here are ten crazy, fascinating facts about farts which everybody needs to know:

1. Some of the foods cause smellier farts. Some food or drink, like meat and eggs, can cause stinkier farts since they’ve plenty of sulfur.
2. Holding in farts isn’t risky to your health. However, it can result in unnecessary pain and cramps.
3. The speed of farts. It exits the anus and enters the surrounding environment at a speed of 10 ft. /s, or somewhat less than 7mph.
4. Farts of women smell worse than farts of men since they have a higher hydrogen sulphide content!
5. Only 1% Of A Fart Smells
Farts have a key reputation for being gross and smelly. Actually, that is really what majority of us associate them with. The fact is that a fart is only made up of 1% of smelliness. Everything else is fragrance-free gas.
6. Farts Are Flammable
It is a famous gag joke that farts are flammable… but they are! The hydrogen and methane that’s in a bacteria-produced fart facilitate the flammability of this ‘gas’. It is so dangerous, therefore, please do not stick lighters close to your butt!
6. Dead person fart.
Once a human body dies, it continues to expand and contract muscles, including the sphincter. If the person ate Taco Bell few minutes before death, gas could easily escape through the bowels up to 3 hours after death …up till rigor mortis occurs.
7. Why does fart make a blasting sound sometimes? That is as a result of vibrations of the rectum. The volume of the sound will really be based on two factors. First, tightness of sphincter and second, muscle the pressure which expels the gas.
8. It’s the fermentation process which causes the production of a particular type of gas called sulfur. This gas is responsible for producing the unpleasant smell of the fart and develops the gassy feel.
9. The eldest one-liner in documented history is a fart joke.
10. The University of Exeter revealed smelling farts can lower risk of stroke, cancer, arthritis and even dementia.
Exposure to low quantities of hydrogen sulfide can help to prevent mitochondrial damage. The mitochondria are the ‘powerhouse of the cell.’ Fundamentally, a light poof can also do wonders for your health.

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