Interesting Facts About Pubic Hair: Do You Like “Full Bush” Or Going Bare?

Pubic hair is a quite polarizing issue. The function of the pubic hair remains mysterious, and yet we spend a lot of time trying to discover what to do about it. Though some women prefer to maintain a “full bush,” several others like a landing strip and even some go bare. What we decide to do about our pubic hair is usually intimately related to our beauty preferences.
However, most of us have our reasons, as well that include but are not limited to feeling smoother, cleaner, and may be even more sensitive when we’ve less hair! As years pass, trends usually determine the main change in how women (or men) groom their pubic hair.
Pubic hair. Everybody has got it, but we do not know all of the fascinating facts about it. So, what’s the deal with the pubic hair? To satisfy your curiosity, we have compiled a list of interesting facts about pubic hair.
1. Asian Women Pay For The Pubic Hair Transplants
In the Western societies, where women are persistently pube-shamed and are continuously waxing themselves to a point where their genitals are as smooth as a baby seal.
On the contrary, women in Asia -especially those in South Korea -pay a high amount of cash to have the pubic hair implanted on their crotches to provide them that lusher, fuller, and more natural appearance.
2. There Is A Biological Reason The Carpet Does Not Always Match The Drapes
If the pubic hair of a person is a different color from the hair on their scalp, it may not be a result of dying either area. The amount of melanin in the part where hair is growing determines the color of hair. That’s why the pubic hair of an individual is almost always darker than the hair on the head -since there is more melanin around the crotch than on the scalp.
3. The Odd History Of The Pubic-Hair Souvenirs
The British upper crust of the 1800s and 1700s had a weird habit of gathering the pubic hair of one’s lover as the souvenir -or if you’ll, a hunting trophy. St. Andrews University in Scotland has a museum containing a snuffbox stuffed to the gills with pubes of the mistress of King George IV. Other men of the period would attach the pubic hair of their lover onto their hats as a form of public display of their sexual prowess.
4. The Weird Case Of A 16-Month-Old Infant With The Adult Public Hair In Alabama
A 2007 issue of the Clinical Pediatrics details the case of a 16-month-old Alabama boy with an adult-sized penis and full pubic hair development. Scientists and researchers discovered that a physician had prescribed testosterone gel to his father, which he would smear throughout his body before climbing into bed and cuddling with his newborn. The excessive testosterone induced a very early adolescence in the male infant.
5. Why It Is Curly
Under a microscope, the pubic hair is flat in shape like linguine. It’s similar to the African scalp hair in a configuration that causes it to curl when it reaches a particular length. On the contrary, long and straight hair looks are round like spaghetti when observed under a microscope.
6. One Art Critic Of The 1800s Supposedly Divorced His Newlywed Wife When He Found Out That She Rocked A Bush
John Ruskin, an art critic, must have ignored all those famous paintings of the female pubes during the 1800s. Since according to a biographer, he believed his wife was “a monster” on his wedding night when she exposed a natural bush rather than the marble-smooth mons pubis seen in the women’s ancient sculpture.
7. In History, The Longest Pubic Hair Was 28 Inches
A woman called Maoni Vi from South Africa had a pubic hair which measured 28 inches. Also, she had an armpit hair which measured 32 inches.
8. Pubic Wigs Are A Thing
These genital toupees -officially known as “merkins” -were believed to be first introduced in the 1400s as a means for the prostitutes to cover up the signs of STDs. They were also famous during the sexually repressed Victorian period. Nowadays -when shearing one’s natural wool is all the rage -at times actors will wear merkins if they are trying to recreate some “period pieces,” pun intended partially.

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