Interesting Facts About The Statue Of Liberty: The Great Gift From France

Today, many people are very excited to visit different historical landmarks. Most landmarks tell a fascinating story about the period of history they were designed, built or made famous in.
Whether it is late in the evening, at sunset or during the day, looking at the iconic Statue of Liberty in the NY Harbor is of the most captivating sights to behold in the New York City.
Luckily for visitors coming to the United States and the residents, there’s excellent choice of various historical landmarks situated all across the whole country. One of the most visited and most famous, historical landmarks in the US is the iconic Statue of Liberty.
Internationally, the Statue of Liberty is also one of the most beloved historic landmarks. People from various parts of the world travel for several miles to see this lady who owns her island. The grandeur of this statue may be inspiring, but it’s the stories behind this lady which make her very interesting.
The Statue of Liberty was a great gift from the people of France. An engineering company led by Gustave Eiffel, the designer of Eiffel Tower in France, designed this statue. It’s an all-metal frame and is draped with a sculpted sheeting of pure copper.
This historic landmark sits on the Liberty Island in the NY Harbor and can be seen several miles from both land and sea. The small island is approximately 12 acres and the only things on it include the statue, a museum, boat dock, the base of the statue, and visitors’ center.
The iconic statue represents the freedom for the US and was used as a welcoming sign for all immigrants who came to America in the early twentieth century. The history of this statue is well known, but this lady of liberty still holds several interesting facts.
There are many pieces of information known about this significant and gorgeous historic landmark, but here are six interesting facts about the Statue of Liberty.
1. France made the Statue of Liberty, and the United States built the pedestal
Both America and France contributed towards the establishment of the Statue of Liberty. Actually, France made the statue and the US set the base for the statue.
The US constructed a pedestal for this statue, though the pedestal size makes it more like a huge building! The Statue of Liberty was exhibited in France for six months after completion before shipping to the US.
2. September 11th
After the bombing attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in 2001, the Statue of Liberty remained closed to all visitors for more than 3 years.
This was due to the fear of possible terrorist attacks since the Statue of Liberty was the major target for these terrorists. On August 3rd, 2004 the statue was opened up again for all visitors.
3. Thirty Years to Change Colors
It took a total of thirty years for the Statue of Liberty to change color from brown to green. The Liberty Island is subject to strong winds and other adverse conditions which the Atlantic Ocean brings in. Despite these inclement weather, the copper material used to protect the statue has only weathered approximately 0.005 inches which is less than the width of a penny.
4. A Sister Statue and Lighthouse in Egypt
The Statue was intended to have a sister statue and the lighthouse in Egypt. The Sculptor Frederic Bartholdi agreed to build Egypt a great piece for the entry to Suez Canal known as “Egypt Carrying Light to Asia” that would’ve have featured a veiled Egyptian peasant lady holding a lantern. The Egyptian Khedive rejected.
5. That Is Not the First Torch
What several people do not know about the Statue of Liberty is that the torch shown now isn’t the original one. In fact, the Lady of Liberty has three arms. Due to water leakage, the first torch was removed. It is displayed in the museum of the monument.
6. The Broken Shackles
There are broken shackles at the feet of the Lady of Liberty, though, they can’t be seen from the ground because of the pedestal height. Actually, these chains represent the freedom of Lady Liberty from the British control and oppression.
Originally, the US was founded as a group of the British colonies, and the pilgrims who settled in America were in search of peaceful place away from the religious persecution.
On July 4th, 1776 the US established the Declaration of Independence after several years of fighting the British. During this time, France had been both an enemy and ally and needed to solidify a friendship by offering the Statue of Liberty.

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