Interesting Facts About Tickling: No Self-Tickling, Why?

The reason why we always laugh when someone tickles us remains a mystery. Some scientists have come to believe that tickling is an inherently social phenomenon since it develops a special relationship between those close to us. Consider lovers who often tickle for flirting and foreplay or parents who like to tickle their babies to evoke sweet baby giggles.
It’s not that you find it amusing, but the laughter comes out involuntarily. We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine. That is unless you feel like you are being tickled to death or to an extent whereby you are about to wet your pants. Though, tickling is not always a bad experience.
Individuals often have strong feelings of being tickled. It is true; though some enjoy the good-natured excitement of an intense tickle, others recoil from this notion.
Some individuals even make appointments for the tickle session, at CosquilleArte Spa in Madrid-World’s first tickling arena, where qualified therapists use their soft feathers and fingertips to soothe their customers into great comfort.
Whether tickling makes you cringe or giggle, we dare you to read the following interesting facts about tickling without feeling a little tingly or cracking a smile.
1. Males Enjoy It More Than Females
In the battle of sexes, tickling might be a secret weapon nobody has ever considered. Studies reveal that men like being tickled much more than their women; actually, most of the women found this experience to be unpleasant.
Therefore, why are males more receptive to a gentle tickle session? Due to long-time experience with non-consensual grabbing or touching, scientists believe that women may be less inclined to enjoy the serious tickling fun.
2. No Self-Tickling
Therefore, why can’t you tickle yourself? Simply put, you cannot surprise your brain. The greatest part of the appeal of tickling is that you don’t know what will happen next.
However, if you are tickling yourself, there is no element of surprise. Knowing what will happen next suppresses the tickling impulse. Try it yourself; you may tickle yourself for hours, and it will not evoke any feelings. All you will end up feeling is silly.
3. Torturous Tickling
If you don’t like to be tickled, then you are lucky since there were days when tickling was used as a form of corporal punishment. During the 16th century, the Protestant sect used to tickle the transgressors to death. Also, Ancient Romans gave punishment through tickling: They tied the offenders down, soaked their feet in salt, and direct goats to lick it off.
4. Defensive Tickling
Do need to counter a tickle? It is possible. If somebody comes in for unexpected tickle action, just place your hand on ticker’s hand. This will make your brain believe that you are the one doing it, meaning there will be no reaction.
As everyone knows, it isn’t possible to tickle yourself. Of course, this defense does not work well against surprise tickles, but hopefully, that is not the main concern in your everyday life.
5. Tickling Is Mysterious
It is one of the oldest questions: why do some individuals laugh at the slightest touch, while others do not flinch at some serious tickling actions? Scientists are not very sure, but the relationship of individuals involved certainly plays a vital role.
You are more likely to react positively if you like the person tickling you (that’s understandable since a stranger trying to tickle is disturbing at best).
6. You Get Tickled Less As You Age
Is tickling just kid’s play? People under 40s are ten times more likely to get tickled than those over 40. One clear explanation is that there is simply reduced opportunities for tickling as you age. For instance, as children get older. Also, the hormonal changes may reduce the tickle response as you age and that could make you feel like you’re being tickled less.
7. A secret weight-loss option
With all the weight-loss options and diet out there, have you ever considered tickling as a technique to burn some calories? This is a serious matter; chuckling is a scientifically-proven way to burn calories. Ten to fifteen minutes of hearty laughing can burn about 40 extra calories per day. So, why not participate in some good-natured tickling for your weight loss needs?

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