Interesting Facts About April Fool’s Day: The Holy Day Of Pranks

April fool’s day is the most lighthearted day of the year. It’s also referred to as All Fools’ Day, is celebrated every year on April 1st. It has been very popular since the nineteenth century and is well known in Australia, Europe, the United States, Brazil, and Canada – though no country has declared it a national holiday. It’s celebrated as a day when people play hoaxes and practical jokes on one another.
People playing jokes on April Fool’s Day expose their pranks by shouting “April Fool.” Some magazines, newspapers, and some other published media also report fake news or stories that are often explained the following day or below the news section in small letters.
Some of the more paranoid (or more gullible) individuals might be wondering why we celebrate

April Fools Day

April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day in the first place. There’s no better way to start the spring season than pulling pranks or jokes on the people you love most, right?
April Fools’ Day has an incredible history of silly shenanigans which we should all know more about. I mean, it is not only a day that was meant for Jim and Dwight to prank each other at the Dunder Mifflin office — though it would not feel good celebrating the Holy Day of Pranks without acknowledging to the two master nonsense-makers. It is a holiday that has been around for several centuries, with mysterious origins, and has transformed into a day of pure stupidity.
Perhaps, the most interesting thing about April Fools’ Day, though, is how it’s remained a day of great fun, without being a day of consumerism. Popular brands have been known to participate that eventually gets them media coverage from their potential clients, but there are no “must-have” ways to spend cash on April 1. And let us hope it’ll remain that way forever.
The day is all about making a fool of our friends, relatives, colleagues and other people we love and making them look stupid with various pranks. The greatest part is that no one gets offended. It really celebrates foolishness. Here are some interesting facts about April Fools’ Day.
1. In the United Kingdom, an April Fool joke is exposed by shouting “April fool!” at a recipient, who eventually becomes the “April fool.” Research carried out in the 1950s, by folklorists Peter Opie and Iona, discovered that in the United Kingdom, and in other nations whose traditions were derived from the UK, the joking ceases at midday. Any person playing a joke or prank after midday is the “April fool” himself or herself.
2. In England ‘fool’ is known by various names depending on the part where it’s celebrated. If someone fools you on this day, you may be called ‘noddy,’ ‘gobby,’ ‘gob’ or ‘noodle.’
3. In Belgium, France, Italy, and French-speaking regions of Canada and Switzerland, 1 April tradition is usually known as “April fish” (pesce d’aprile in Italian or poissons d’avril in French). This includes trying to attach a paper fish to the back of a victim secretly. Such fish feature mostly on many late nineteenth- to early twentieth-century French postcards of April Fools’ Day.
4. On April 1, 2010, The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a parody web video celebrating President Barrack Obama as “truly the greatest president ever” and that he’s “kept all his promises.”
5. As much as we have fun on April’s Fools day, we don’t when and how it got began! There are many theories but none is confirmed or a perfect one. If humans were that perfect, we wouldn’t have had fool’s day, right?
6. In 2008, BBC telecasted news saying that penguins in Antarctica started flying. It is not only that! It stated that those penguins had flown to tropical rainforests in South America!
7. In 1945, the weather broadcast department warned of a tsunami in the Pacific island on April first, and since the several people thought that it was just a prank, they did not mind the warning. What followed? A big tragedy hit!!

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