Interesting Facts About Boxing Day: How Do You Celebrate This Day?

Different countries around the world, generally those which were settled by the British Commonwealth celebrate Boxing Day on the day after the Christmas, December 26th every year.
Many Americans are perhaps unaware that Boxing Day even exists unless they live close to the Canadian border. This holiday is more well-known along the border since Canada is one of the countries which observes Boxing Day as a national holiday.
In liturgical calendar of the Western Christianity, Boxing Day refers to the second day of Christmastide, and St. Stephen’s Day as well. In some European nations, notably Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and Poland, celebrates 26th December as a Second Christmas Day
It’s believed that Boxing Day was established since the servants of the wealthy families usually had to work on the Christmas Day. As a result, they were always presented with some gift boxes for their services at the end of the Christmas Day, and they were also allowed to take the next day off work to spend time with their families.
Another theory of Boxing Day’s origin is that different churches opened the donation boxes on December 26th and distributed the gifts to the poor. In the church, December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen.
In the Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, Boxing Day is mainly known as the shopping holiday, much like the Black Friday (a day after Thanksgiving) in the US. Boxing Day sales are very common in Canada. It’s a time when many shops hold sales often with great discounts or special offers. For several merchants, Boxing Day has become a day of the year with the highest revenue.
Even most people in the countries which observe Boxing Day aren’t sure of its meaning, its origins, and the scope of the celebration of this holiday. That is why several myths are surrounding its origins along with a number of plausible theories as to how it started. Thankfully, there are also known facts regarding where and how Boxing Day is observed today. Let’s look at some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Boxing Day.
1. In the UK there’s a full day of Premier League football on the Boxing Day. Other popular Boxing Day sporting events include hockey, rugby, and even horse racing.
2. Sometimes a Christmas box was placed on the ships during the Age of Exploration. The sailors would put cash in the box for good luck; then they would give the box to the priest who would open it at Christmas and distribute the money to the poor.
3. In the United Kingdom, every church has an Alms box where they place money throughout the year and opened in the Boxing Day to distribute those gifts to needy people. Around the world, people celebrate Boxing Day with harmony by offering money and gifts to traders, servant, and poor peoples.
4. In some places in England, Boxing Day is celebrated by swimming in the sea wearing costumes—known as the Boxing Day Dip.
5. The Christmas box used to be made of clay or wood; so, people can put their gifts inside to be opened only on Boxing Day.
6. The states in the United States of America which celebrate Boxing Day as the public holiday include Kansas, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas.
7. In Britain, Boxing Day has been a bank holiday since 1871. British banks also remain closed on Good Friday, Whitmonday, Christmas, Easter, and the last Monday in August.
8. In 1994, South Africa changed the name from Boxing Day to Day of Goodwill.
9. Some have considered Boxing Day as a day to return all unwanted Christmas gifts or even those that needed to be exchanged.


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