Interesting Facts About Teachers’ Appreciation Day: The “Beacons Of Light”

Teachers form an integral part of our societies. They have helped us to achieve our dreams. Additionally, teachers have always had a tremendous influence on the lives of their students. They provide us with necessary guidance during the formative years of our lives. Teachers are very instrumental in shaping our future. That is why they’ve been referred to as the ‘beacon of light.’

Various countries around the world celebrate Teachers’ Appreciation Day, sometimes referred to as Teacher’s Day as a way to pay tribute to teacher’s contributions to the development of children.

In the US, Teachers’ Appreciation Day is observed on Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week -the first week of May every year. Even though the exact origin of Teachers’ Appreciation Day in the US is still debatable, it’s believed to have started in 1944 when a teacher in Wisconsin came up with the idea and suggested it to the political and educational leaders. Eleanor Roosevelt then persuaded the 81st United States Congress to proclaim National Teacher Day in 1953.

Students in various parts of the world look forward to Teacher’s Appreciation Day. During this day, they fully interact with their teachers, sharing memories and gifts. While the celebration dates vary in some countries around the world, the main agenda for this holiday remains the same: to honor teachers for their work.

On October 5th, most countries arrange various events for the teachers and other education stakeholders. These include celebrations to honor all teachers or those who’ve made an exceptional contribution to the development of a particular community.

The day may also be marked by extra training seminars for teachers, conferences highlighting the importance of learning and teachers, events to enhance teachers’ profile and their role in the media, and recruitment efforts for the teaching profession amount university students or any other qualified professionals.

In several countries, trade unions and other organizations which represent teachers play a fundamental role in organizing Teacher’s Appreciation Day events.

When you think of the people who have had the significant influence on your life, apart from your parents, teachers will definitely come to your mind. In fact, most of us still remember our favorite teacher’s name –the one who encouraged you to become the person you’re today.

Therefore, today –on Teachers’ Appreciation Day -take a moment to appreciate that person who made a big difference in your life, or the life of your kid. Without further ado, let us look at some interesting facts about Teachers’ Appreciation Day.

  1. In India, highly respected teachers are usually given small crystal Taj Mahal replicas on Teachers’ Appreciation Day. The holiday is observed on September 5th every year. September 5th is also the birthday of the former president of India who championed education in the country.
  2. Mattye Whyte Woodridge the reason we’re celebrating Teacher. Appreciation Day. She was the teacher who came up with the idea of establishing this holiday. Woodridge wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to adopt her idea.
  3. As a way of celebrating Teachers’ Appreciation Day, some students their teachers a car, photo books, a letter of appreciation, scrapbooks and even billboard thank you signs.
  4. In Bhutan, Teachers’ Appreciation Day is celebrated on May 2nd. They also use the day to commemorate the birth of its third king who was responsible for the introduction of education in the country.
  5. In the United States, Teachers’ Appreciation Day was celebrated in March until 1985. The National Education Association Assembly changed it to the month of May in 1985.
  6. The Chinese observe Teachers’ Appreciation Day on September 10th. There have been many petitions to have it moved to September 28th –Confucius’ birthday. This is the same day Taiwan celebrates their teachers.
  7. In Afghanistan, Teachers’ Appreciation Day is celebrated on October 5th. Although students have a holiday, most of them still show up at their respective schools to celebrate with their teachers.
  8. Some teachers are surprised with gifts, flowers, visits from former students, awards, luncheons, gift baskets, cake, and gift certificates.
  9. In Argentina, Teachers Appreciation Day is observed on September 11th. The date was set to honor the 7th President of Argentina, who stood up for education in the country. He passed away on Sept. 11th, 1888.


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